What if I told you healing from chronic illness was simpler than managing the symptoms?

I've been there. I recovered. I believe you can, too.

For the tool I use every day to make sure my body is functioning the best it can, download my Self-Healing Starter Kit today.

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Coming Soon! Self-healing Sanctuary

A place to
Come Together.

Would you like to learn what I did to heal myself from chronic Lyme Disease within 6 months?

This November, I'm looking for a small group of determined students who understand that the Western model of healing is broken, and are longing for simple, powerful tools to heal their own bodies in a way that honors their inner wisdom without sacrificing real-world results.

This 10-week course will give you a place to rest and recharge, while teaching you powerful tools to heal yourself and those you love.


You'll get:

  • A break from the chaos of the world we live in these days.
  • A community to learn, practice, and heal within.
  • Training and practice in the art of energy healing, which you'll be able to use anywhere, at any time.
  • Inspiration, support, and encouragement from people who get it, and who want you to heal as much as you do.

My “after” pic

(...there are no “before pics” because, as you know, we destroy the pictures from when we’re sick.)


This is me on July 15, 2012, my first successful “test hike” after 10 years of illness. The trail to Glacier Lake in southern Montana is a short, steep 3-mile victory for anyone who takes it, and that day it signified to me that I. Was. Back. Illness was finally going to be in my rear-view mirror. 

I’d hiked alone that day, because I didn’t yet trust my body, and couldn’t stand the thought of disappointing anyone, if I had to turn back again. But I didn’t. Instead, I skipped the last 50 yards to the lake, beside myself with giddiness, and kissed the ground moments after taking this shot.

A week later, I put on the pack, joined my then-husband and dog, and backpacked 5 miles to celebrate my 40th birthday. SWEET does not begin to describe it. There had been many, many, MANY days during those 10 years when I found myself at the edge of hope: believing I COULD recover, but not quite believing IN recovery, if that makes any sense.

My healing journey (the part during which I was actually getting better, not just trying one thing after another) was quick. Six months from “I think I might actually be dying” to knowing the nightmare was over. 

If you’re stuck in some form of Invisible Illness, your journey is going to be unique; whether you’re a wounded healer, or just a person whose life has hit a major speedbump, I’m here to tell you it can end well. You can get your life back.

And for those who would like to follow a map out of the abyss, I’d love to be your guide.


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My husband thinks he’s your biggest fan! He loves how happy, vital and empowered I am after I work with you—each and every session. He loves hearing me describe what I’m learning and how powerful this work is for me. I LOVE this work—your work—and how impactful it is on my present and future happiness, and my ability to thrive and serve in this world—allowing me to be the best me I can be! I think I’m your biggest fan…
— Susan Phariss, BrainFitnessStrategies.com
You are one of the people I know who is changing the world.
— Pamela Bruner, MakeYourSuccessReal.com
Kari is a force of nature on the psychic level
— Lee Nellis
YOU are awesome, Kari! If anyone is looking for an amazing energy worker, Kari Mitchell is your gal!
— Laura Kupperman


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