What happy clients are saying...

Thanks to Kari, I get to start my life over again—it’s been on (miserable) hold for NINE months. I was working with a functional med MD, a nutritionist, a chiropractor, and a homeopath. When I followed their advice, I mostly got worse. I did the work Kari gave me and got the improvements I was so desperate for. Now I can get back to doing my genius and helping others—THANK YOU, Kari Mitchell!!!
— Susan Phariss, TX

I had literally been ill for so many years, I had forgotten what normal was. Using the energy techniques Kari teaches is a wonderful healing experience that mends your life on so many deep levels and in doing so repairs the body. I’m so grateful!!
— G.S.

Thanks so very much for our work together. Such powerful stuff! I’m amazed by the family connections and carry-over from one generation to the next. Moreover, the prospect of healing the broken bonds is something no therapist has been able to put into a framework with tangible action steps I can take. You’re on the cutting edge when it comes to healing work!
— Sally Sporer, CO

What I received from Kari’s session was twofold:
    1    It prompted me to take action right away.  That was an invaluable gift to myself and my lineage.
    2    The clear awareness that my very slight discomfort on the elbow is actually a reminder for me to follow through on an issue that was put on a back burner, or conveniently forgotten.  
As a healer myself, I know these couldn’t have happened without Kari holding space in her own unique way.  That’s the gift she’s here to share with all of us.  Thank you so much, Kari, and keep up with the good work!
— Dan Zhou, FL

I really love working with you. The last session kind of blew me away and I keep thinking about how cool it was. Of everything I’m doing for myself I feel like this work is one of most important things.
— Melissa Grumhaus, CO

What I have learned from Kari has empowered me to take control of my healing in a way I never thought possible. I was familiar with muscle testing and had been using it for years, but when she showed me how to use these same tools to actually change what was happening in my body, I started getting results almost immediately. It’s been life-changing, and I can’t thank her enough for sharing her gift.
— Susan B.
“A dyed-in-the-wool skeptic, I began a session with Kari with my typical approach, which is to be open to possibilities, but pragmatic about expecting too much. What I discovered was a true improvement in my energy. Kari combines the knowledge with what can only be described as a genuine gift or talent for this work.”
— Robyn Rivers, OR

Kari is a force of nature on the psychic level. Seeing what she’s helped me see has banished pain and helped me move on from traumatic events. I recommend her services to anyone!
— Lee Nellis, WY

Working with Kari, I started to get life-changing results even with those issues I thought were impossible to resolve. I feel transformed after every session and am getting my true power and confidence back. Kari has a true gift, and if you are lucky enough to meet her, just go for it.
— Arzu Durukan, Istanbul, Turkey

Three years ago I experienced peripheral neuropathy while undergoing chemotherapy. Over the long-term, I experienced partial-numbness in my left wrist, occasional full-numbness of my left hand, numbness inside my left knee and almost nightly charley-horses in my left leg. After my third session with Kari, I have not experienced any charley-horses at all and my left hand hasn’t gone numb even once. This is nearly a 100% reduction of symptoms that were not sufficiently addressed by therapeutic massage, acupuncture and chiropractic.
— Evan Cantor, CO

I have had PTSD since a co-worker was killed in 2008. My recovery had reached a plateau until a few months ago when I started working with Kari. The healing methods she employs show profound results you can feel from the first session. I would highly recommend her healing for PTSD. The change in my energy levels, pain levels and general attitude have been nothing short of miraculous.
— Bob Wallace MT

Kari is empathic, perceptive and tuned in to the invisible universe of energy in which we all live. Her work is totally non-invasive and seems incredibly simple, but the results are solid. Her energy work left me feeling like a heavy burden had lifted; I felt physical and mental renewal.
— Anner Marble, MT